Hi, nice to meet you! 😉

My name is Long, an independent EDM music producer.

I was born in Vietnam, grew up in Germany since I was 7 years old.

I’m not the typical musician, never learned an instrument, never had a band.

I’m a former breakdancer, martial artist, and a law student (finished successfully).

So why do I like to produce music?

I see myself as a creative person with lots of ideas. I like the idea that I can create something that you can relate to one of your senses, for example, the “hearing”.

Also, music is very emotional for me and it can evoke strong emotions. And I like emotions 😉

I create songs mostly after my feelings. When I’m sad I produce more emotional music, when I feel good I create for example dance songs 🙂

Of the classical instruments, I like the sounds of the piano (Grand Piano) the most because it can sound so heavenly and lovely, especially in the high tones.

So… what should I tell you further about me? I don’t know… just ask if you want!

Hope you enjoy my website and especially my music.